QR-code-restaurantsRestaurants are starting to use QR codes as part of their overall marketing strategy and YES, QR Codes are a perfect fit for any restaurant marketing plan.

There are several factors you need to understand in order to integrate QR codes into your restaurant marketing strategy.  You cant just throw up a QR code without thinking it through.   QR codes are scanned by smartphones and can accomplish many different specific goals.

Here are some typical uses of QR codes for restaurants:

  • Scan QR code to view restaurant menu
  • Scan QR code to sign up for restaurant SMS marketing list
  • Scan QR code  to sign up for email marketing list
  • Scan QR code to enter into a promotion or Give-a-way
  • Scan QR code to view History of Restaurant
  • Scan to view Chef Bio
  • Scan to receive recipes or nutrition facts
  • Scan QR code for Restaurant Coupons or daily or weekly deals
  • Scan to join restaurant loyalty program
  • Scan QR code for restaurant location or directions

The use of QR codes in restaurants is really only limited by your imagination. Continue Reading

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Mobile CouponEveryone loves coupons. What everyone doesn’t love is all of the searching and cutting and the danger of paper cuts. Ouch. Create a sms marketing strategy that’s of the 21st century with restaurant mobile coupons.

Making Restaurant Mobile Coupons Accessible to All

While mobile coupons are already available to everyone with a smartphone, those with an older phone may not be so lucky. (Yes, folks. There are people out there who don’t own a smartphone.) Therefore, you might want to think about creating mobile coupons by way of plain text messages. This way, you can offer great meal deals to everyone with a cell phone. Continue Reading

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Restaurant appsHaven’t you heard? Coupon books are out. Yes, the days of people lugging around those bulky coupon books in their purses or fanny packs have long since passed. If you want the best restaurant marketing ideas available, they’ll almost always involve mobile coupons and sms marketing.

The Importance of Bulk SMS Marketing & Mobile Coupons

You know what is close to becoming extinct? Restaurant advertising on television and radio. Of course, the Chili’s and Olive Gardens of the world will have no problem paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for television and radio advertising. However, the local family eatery will have to scale down their niche marketing strategy considerably. Continue Reading

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Restaurant Mobile SMS MarketingTake your Restaurant Marketing Strategy Mobile

You read that right. Upscale restaurants are not exempt from the need to market themselves, and SMS mobile marketing is by no means the crass marketing of the masters. Read on to find out why mobile marketing and SMS marketing especially are being utilized by upscale restaurants.

SMS Marketing for Upscale Restaurants – Facts & Figures

Here are the results of a survey recently carried out by the Mobile Marketing Association:

  •  48% – the number of mobile phone users who never turn off their phones
  •  33% – the number of mobile phone users who think they might be addicted
  •  50% – the number of mobile phone users who answer calls, even in the bathroom

These numbers don’t depend on any factors other than mobile phone ownership, and the customers of upscale restaurants inevitably fall within one or all of these percentiles. Continue Reading

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