Free Restaurant Mobile Marketing Training Course

by Michael Armstrong

Free Restaurant Mobile Marketing Training Course

Our free mobile marketing training course for restaurant owners is here!

You’re invited to sign up for our free restaurant marketing course today. You’ll get instant access to the first mobile training component on text message marketing for restaurants. Restaurant mobile marketing is the preferred way to reach diners on the go.

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Learn how to create a restaurant mobile marketing plan, develop a restaurant mobile marketing strategy, learn about restaurant sms marketing, find out which restaurant SMS marketing companies are best, learn about restaurant mobile apps, restaurant mobile websites, mobile coupons for restaurants, QR Codes and more.

Over 60% of diners search for restaurant using mobile phone marketing on the go – this means they search for mobile marketing services such as mobile websites, mobile coupons and mobile offers on the go. Mobile marketing allows diners to select a restaurant on the go. Mobile marketing companies recommend restaurants offer mobile websites that feature menus, geo-location services and maps/directions.

As you progress through the free training on restaurant marketing, you will learn about restaurant SMS marketing, mobile apps for restaurants and website mobile phone marketing. You will receive videos and handbooks covering all aspects of restaurant mobile marketing and mobile marketing services – sign up now to get started right away.

Our free restaurant mobile marketing training includes all of this:

Video #1 – Mobile text marketing for restaurants

Text Message Marketing Training Course Free Enjoy this video that kicks off your training by teaching you the 1-2-3s of text marketing (also called SMS marketing). Mobile text marketing is one of the easiest ways to kick off your restaurant mobile marketing program and we’ll show you how easy text message marketing for restaurants can be!

You’ll get advice on how to select SMS marketing software – how to set up SMS marketing software – how to come up with the most relevant text marketing offers – how to write a stellar 160 character SMS marketing pitch to promote the offer and how to do everything a mobile marketing agency would charge big bucks for.

Video #2 – Mobile websites for restaurants

Restaurant Mobile Website Design Training Free Any mobile marketing agency will tell you, a mobile website is ground zero for your mobile marketing program. Mobile websites are the foundation for your mobile marketing services – learn how to design an effective site for your restaurant marketing needs.

Our video will teach you the A-B-Cs of mobile phone marketing including how to incorporate your restaurant SMS marketing strategy. We’ll show you how your mobile website will send people to your mobile text marketing sign up and be initiated into your SMS marketing software.

Video #3 – Mobile apps for restaurants

Restaurant Mobile App Training Free Mobile app development is the natural evolution of your restaurant mobile marketing strategy. Mobile apps for restaurants can inform or entertain – mobile marketing companies have developed successful apps that promote menu items, encourage diners to create their own specialty fare and drinks, or play games that tie into the restaurant theme.

Our free training includes where to find free and low cost tools for mobile app development, ideas for mobile apps for restaurants and information on how you can jump into mobile app development without hiring a mobile marketing agency or mobile marketing companies.

Ebook #1 – Restaurant mobile text marketing

As part of your free mobile marketing training, this ebook will give you detailed instructions and sample on creating SMS marketing messages as part of your mobile phone marketing training – mobile marketing companies charge thousands to set up text marketing and mobile marketing services. We’ll show you where to get free SMS marketing software and how to write targeted, effective restaurant SMS marketing messages.

Text message marketing for restaurants is one of the easiest of the mobile marketing services to set up without a mobile marketing agency or hiring mobile marketing companies. With our free training, you’ll learn everything about text message marketing for restaurants including tactics used by leading mobile marketing companies.

Ebook #2 – Mobile websites for mobile phone marketing

Ask any mobile marketing agency and they’ll tell you that a restaurant mobile marketing strategy wouldn’t be complete without a mobile website. We’ll show you how easy it is to develop a mobile website as part of your restaurant marketing and how to assimilate your SMS marketing program into the website development.

Your mobile website is key to your restaurant marketing strategy – it ties together all aspects of your promotions from promoting your mobile apps for restaurants, serving as a sign-up portal for your restaurant SMS marketing program and displaying text marketing offers you are currently promoting.

Free Restaurant Marketing Training Course

Email assistance for your training on text message marketing for restaurants

As you advance through your mobile marketing and restaurant SMS marketing training, you’ll get periodic emails with tips on where to download free SMS marketing software – ideas for mobile app development – sample text marketing messages – tips on starting up your program on mobile text marketing.

These emails will keep you inspired and on track to complete your free training quickly and get started developing mobile websites and text marketing for your restaurant and ready to jump into mobile app development.

You are invited to sign up now for our free restaurant mobile marketing training! Enroll now and get immediate access to your first training module!


Restaurant Text Message Marketing is taking off in popularity.  Does your Restaurant Marketing Strategy include Mobile?  All restaurants should start to implement mobile marketing plans including:

  • Restaurant SMS Text Marketing
  • Restaurant Mobile Phone Apps
  • Mobile Optimized Websites
  • Mobile Advertising

There are quite a few of mobile marketing companies for restaurants, but before you decide on a restaurant mobile marketing strategy, Sign up for our FREE mobile marketing training below.

There is no doubt that mobile phone marketing is the new future of marketing.  As a restaurant owner, you need to start to learn more about how these new restaurant mobile marketing trends will help your business.

  • Are you looking into restaurant mobile website design?
  • Are you considering mobile app development for your restuarant?
  • Do you think that you can benefit from restaurant mobile phone advertising?
  • Do you think that mobile text message marketing is right for your organization?

Take advantage of our FREE MOBILE MARKETING TRAINING VIDEOS by Signing up Below!

 Mobile Marketing Training for Restaurants Free

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Scan this unique QR (Quick Response) code with your smart phone or tablet and go mobile!  Any restaurant marketing plan needs to include a restaurant QR code marketing strategy!  Try our FREE Restaurant QR Code Generator.

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