Mobile Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

by Michael Armstrong

Restaurant Marketing Strategies now include SMS, Mobile and Apps

Restaurant Marketing Mobile marketing ideas for restaurants that are employed successfully can mean the difference between a quiet restaurant, and a restaurant where people are waiting for a table most nights of the week. Most restaurant owners would definitely prefer the latter—a busy restaurant is a successful one.

Mobile marketing has many facets and can be used in many different ways. You may opt to start small by utilizing text message marketing, or you may decide to hit hard and adopt a multi-faceted restaurant marketing strategy where all the facets play off each other and work well together. Whatever you do, it’s important to do something—get started and don’t let the competition get ahead of you.

If you decide to start small, text message marketing is a great place to start. Text message marketing can do a lot for you with just a little time, effort and money invested. Text messages can be sent in bulk to all of your customers, or they can be targeted and sent to sub-groups of your customers at different times. For example, you may wish to target your senior age customers by sending them special “seniors only” deals, or you may wish to attract more families by sending out mobile coupons for free kids’ meals. If you want to increase the restaurant traffic generally, send SMS messages out with specials for everyone, such as 2-1 drinks or free appetizers. Text messages can also be used to inform your diners about new menu choices or other news about your restaurant.

QR codes are a strategy that can really add to your SMS messaging strategy and help you implement it on a wider scale. QR codes placed on signs, menus or other advertising are a quick way to invite your customers to opt-in to your text message club. QR codes are also a way to give added value to your diners. QR codes can link to special information, such as nutrition information, or anything else you’d like your loyal customers to know or have access to.  We hightly recommend a company called Trumpia, they are the restaurant QR code Experts.

Some restaurants are successfully employing mobile apps to engage their diners and provide more value. Restaurant mobile apps can provide some valuable options to your customers, such as the option to order and purchase take-out while leaving work. They can also provide games for kids to play while they wait for their meals, or special information about your menu.

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A mobile website is where you should start if you are really interested in establish a mobile presence on the web. Chances are that many of your existing customers are using mobile devices already, and that number is growing. Many of your customers probably use their devices while sitting in your restaurant. Engage with those customers by having links in the restaurant, perhaps from a QR code, that take them to your website. A mobile website should also be easily found on a local search and provide up-to-date information that will help new customers locate you. This information should have location, driving directions and hours easily accessible. A click-to-call or text button is also handy and makes contacting you more convenient for customers.

Options for Creating a Restaurant Mobile Optimized Website

  • Duda Mobile – Quick and easy way to create a fully features Restaurant mobile site.
  • Odesk – Outsourcing your mobile website design is a very cost effective way to get a custom mobile website for your restaurant.  Click on the ODESK link to see hundreds of mobile website designers at very reasonable costs. 

These are some basic ideas for starting a restaurant mobile marketing strategy. Whether you start out large or small, the important thing is to start. Your customers will thank you and your business will only grow.


Restaurant SMS Marketing is taking off in popularity.  Does your Restaurant Marketing Plan include Mobile?  All restaurants should start to implement mobile marketing plans such as:

  • Restaurant SMS Marketing
  • Restaurant Mobile Phone Apps
  • Mobile Optimized Websites
  • Mobile Advertising

There are a large number of SMS marketing agencies for restaurants, but before you decide on a restaurant sms marketing strategy, Sign up for our FREE mobile marketing training below.

There is no doubt that mobile phone marketing is the new future of marketing.  As a restaurant owner, you must start to learn more about how these new mobile marketing solutions will help your business. 

  • Are you looking into creating a mobile website for your restaurant
  • Are you considering how to create mobile apps?
  • Do you think that you can take advantage of restaurant mobile phone advertising?
  • Do you belive that builk SMS marketing is right for your organization?

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