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Restaurant Mobile SMSIf you want your little restaurant to become the next local hot spot, coming up with a mobile text marketing plan can bring new customers through your door in no time.

Creating a Restaurant Mobile Text Marketing Strategy

If you have a restaurant in a hip part of town, you already have residents and those in the know occupying your corner booths. But what about the adventurous couple who is looking for a meal after exploring all day? If you have a mobile presence, you have made it that much easier for that couple (and singles) to find your establishment.

Creating a restaurant mobile text marketing presence is simple. Continue Reading

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restaurant-marketing-newsAs a restaurant owner, mobile marketing should be on the top of your marketing plan update list.  Just read some of the recent restaurant marketing stories from around the web.

Restaurants are leading the mobile marketing space and jumping in head first.  Not only are restaurants jumping into mobile marketing, but restaurants are increasing sales and profits by using mobile.

There are several restaurant mobile strategies to choose from:

  • Restaurant Apps
  • Restaurant mobile sites
  • Restaurant mobile advertising
  • Restaurant mobile location marketing
  • Restaurant sms marketing
  • Restaurant mobile SEO

Restaurant marketing plans will ALL go mobile.  When is your restaurant marketing strategy going to go mobile? Continue Reading

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Restaurant Mobile statsThe statistics show that restaurants must take notice of mobile marketing.  The evidence is just to convincing, just to powerful to not take notice.

Restaurant Mobile Phone Marketing Statistics

There are several restaurant mobile marketing statistics that restaurant owners must understand.  The majority of people searching for restaurant information are using a local directory or mobile app to initiate their search.  This clearly means that building a restaurant mobile app could be extremely profitable for your restaurant.

Restaurant Mobile Searching On-the-go

When searching for restaurant information, 75% of the people do their searches on the go and over 50% of the time the searches are happening in a car.  Continue Reading

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Restaurant text messageMobile marketing is becoming relevant as mobile devices such as tablets and cellular phones are becoming the dominant digital communication tools. In fact, it isn’t just becoming relevant, but downright unavoidable in terms of need-to-know marketing strategies. Here are ten things that you should know about mobile marketing.

1. Mobile Marketing is Growing Fast

Fast may be an understatement. Considering the fact that there are already an estimated 49 million businesses already engaged in mobile advertising, you don’t want to be left behind and find yourself on the tail end of the mobile revolution.

2. Mobile Marketing Engages Customers

In a way that no other marketing can even hope to match, mobile marketing provides customers with one on one engagement. Continue Reading

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