Restaurant QR Codes And Marketing Infographic

by Michael Armstrong

QR-code-restaurantsRestaurants are starting to use QR codes as part of their overall marketing strategy and YES, QR Codes are a perfect fit for any restaurant marketing plan.

There are several factors you need to understand in order to integrate QR codes into your restaurant marketing strategy.  You cant just throw up a QR code without thinking it through.   QR codes are scanned by smartphones and can accomplish many different specific goals.

Here are some typical uses of QR codes for restaurants:

  • Scan QR code to view restaurant menu
  • Scan QR code to sign up for restaurant SMS marketing list
  • Scan QR code  to sign up for email marketing list
  • Scan QR code to enter into a promotion or Give-a-way
  • Scan QR code to view History of Restaurant
  • Scan to view Chef Bio
  • Scan to receive recipes or nutrition facts
  • Scan QR code for Restaurant Coupons or daily or weekly deals
  • Scan to join restaurant loyalty program
  • Scan QR code for restaurant location or directions

The use of QR codes in restaurants is really only limited by your imagination.

QR Code Infographic

QR Codes And Marketing

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