Best Restaurant Marketing Ideas are Going Mobile

by Michael Armstrong

Restaurant appsHaven’t you heard? Coupon books are out. Yes, the days of people lugging around those bulky coupon books in their purses or fanny packs have long since passed. If you want the best restaurant marketing ideas available, they’ll almost always involve mobile coupons and sms marketing.

The Importance of Bulk SMS Marketing & Mobile Coupons

You know what is close to becoming extinct? Restaurant advertising on television and radio. Of course, the Chili’s and Olive Gardens of the world will have no problem paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for television and radio advertising. However, the local family eatery will have to scale down their niche marketing strategy considerably.

In most cases, mobile coupons and sms mobile marketing will be the cheaper option. This is in part because you won’t have to hire staff to make radio or television commercials. It’s also because with text message marketing, your niche marketing plan can be as simple as sending a text that says “Hey, half off buffalo wings Tuesday nights.”

The Perks of Joining Your Mobile SMS Marketing List

In this age of mobile phones, people get so many texts already. If you want people to join your restaurant’s sms marketing list, there has to be upsides for doing so. After all, who do you know that doesn’t love a bargain? Who do you know that doesn’t love a bargain on great food? Perhaps you could give all new members of your bulk sms marketing list half off of a meal.

In marketing, you not only want your customers to love your food. You also want those customers to tell as many people about your delicious delicacies as possible. Since one of the best restaurant marketing ideas involve word of mouth, reward your Chatty Cathy customers who get people to sign up for your restaurant’s list with free meals.

How to Get Existing Customers to Sign Up for Your SMS Marketing List

Restaurant mobileAs a restaurant owner, you shouldn’t just be concerned with getting new customers into those booths. The best restaurant marketing ideas involve keeping current customers as happy as the clams they’re eating. When you start recruiting people for your sms marketing list, start with the weekly regulars. They’ll probably be among the first to jump on board.

If people aren’t exactly lining up to join your sms marketing list, it could be because you’re not making the pot sweet enough for them.  For example, a regular customer is not going to want weekly text messages about the same buffalo wing special you’ve been having since you opened your doors.

Mix it up by offering different deals that are available only to members of your restaurant’s sms marketing list. For example, Pizzeria Uno gives a free meal on the birthdays of their sms list members.

Best SMS Text Message Marketing Companies for Restaurants

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If you have three million dollars in your marketing budget, you could probably go the television route. For the vast majority of restaurants, the more cost effective alternative is creating a sms marketing plan for your restaurant.

In an age where so many small businesses are pinching pennies, mobile sms marketing can be the best restaurant marketing idea available to you.


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