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by Michael Armstrong

restaurant-marketing-newsAs a restaurant owner, mobile marketing should be on the top of your marketing plan update list.  Just read some of the recent restaurant marketing stories from around the web.

Restaurants are leading the mobile marketing space and jumping in head first.  Not only are restaurants jumping into mobile marketing, but restaurants are increasing sales and profits by using mobile.

There are several restaurant mobile strategies to choose from:

  • Restaurant Apps
  • Restaurant mobile sites
  • Restaurant mobile advertising
  • Restaurant mobile location marketing
  • Restaurant sms marketing
  • Restaurant mobile SEO

Restaurant marketing plans will ALL go mobile.  When is your restaurant marketing strategy going to go mobile?

Recent Restaurant Mobile SMS Marketing News & Reviews Below 

Texas Roadhouse whets its mobile marketing appetite –

Texas Roadhouse whets its mobile marketing Study: 64 Percent Of Mobile Restaurant Searchers Convert

So the capacity for marketers to influence mobile user behavior in this category would appear to be great. The top decision criteria or key reasons among mobile users for choosing a particular restaurant were the following:

New Restaurant Apps are changing the restaurant marketplace!

Order Your Food Delivery on Your iPad – Fox Business

Order Your Food Delivery on Your iPad – Fox Business – Order Your Food Delivery on Your iPad. Advertisement. Details. Description. Seamless CEO Jonathan Zabusky on the companys online and mobile service for ordering delivery from restaurants. Duration 5:2 …

Restaurant Loyalty Programs are ALSO going mobile.

80% of diners would sign up for a loyalty program, if only you had

As mobile marketing continues to evolve, so will loyalty marketing. Its direction may be unclear, but the need to recognize and thank loyal customers will always be there.” There are plenty of opportunities for more restaurants

People searching using their smartphones are searching for restaurants in record numbers!

Is Mobile Search Taking Over the Restaurant Space?

Most websites do the opposite (at best) but in the restaurant category, he market favors mobile, so your site design should, too. If youre not ready to redesign yet, be sure that your homepage has a clickable phone number,

Do you have a mobile website for your restaurant?  Mobile websites are a must for any restaurant owner!

DudaMobile: Restaurant Category Dominates Marketing Land

DudaMobile is one the leaders in building mobile websites for small businesses (SMBs). The company offers both DIY and DIFM programs and has a partnership.

Take a look at the facts below.  Mobile Search and restaurants have a lot in common.

Google: Mobile search for restaurants jumped 359% during

The search engine giants data reveals that almost two-thirds of searches for restaurants on Valentine's Day took place on mobile devices. Whether searchers were looking for a last-minute booking or checking out an address

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