Best Restaurant Mobile Coupon Strategies

by Michael Armstrong

Mobile CouponEveryone loves coupons. What everyone doesn’t love is all of the searching and cutting and the danger of paper cuts. Ouch. Create a sms marketing strategy that’s of the 21st century with restaurant mobile coupons.

Making Restaurant Mobile Coupons Accessible to All

While mobile coupons are already available to everyone with a smartphone, those with an older phone may not be so lucky. (Yes, folks. There are people out there who don’t own a smartphone.) Therefore, you might want to think about creating mobile coupons by way of plain text messages. This way, you can offer great meal deals to everyone with a cell phone.

If you plan on going the sms mobile marketing route for your restaurant’s mobile coupons, you might want to note the limitations of doing such a thing. Most cell phone carriers limit text messages to 160 characters, so you might want to think twice if you want to use bulk sms marketing space to describe all of the ways that your pizza is better than those of your competitors.

Restaurant Mobile Coupons with Images

Nowadays, there are mobile coupons that are composed of an image of the restaurateur’s choosing. Is your restaurant known for its lobster macaroni and cheese? Take a picture and use it as a mobile coupon. When you create an image, save it as either a .gif or .jpeg format.

Coupons with images can pose a few problems for some mobile phone users. For example, the coupon image can be too big for some mobile phone user’s screens, forcing them to zoom and scroll. Also, you’re not able to click on links on these types of images. When sizing the image, take these issues into consideration so that all of your potential customers can click and view your mobile website with ease.

HTML Mobile Coupons

These days, you can create a mobile coupon in HTML and put it on your restaurant’s website and even your mobile website. To make mobile and app based coupons, you can use such popular programs such as Yelp! and Foursquare. You can even include web links in these types of coupons.

Restaurant mobile couponIf you’re going to go ahead with web and app based mobile coupons as your niche marketing strategy, know that you’ll have to make some adjustments during the creation process. Know that these types of coupons must be optimized specifically for mobile phones, as they may not present themselves properly otherwise.

If you’re convinced that mobile coupons are the way to go for your restaurant, there are several companies that will aid you in the creation of this mobile sms marketing plan, as well as help you to track the success of them.

If you’re an institution in your local neighborhood and don’t care much for the tracking mechanisms, you can get a freelancer in your area to make the coupons for you. If your niche marketing plan consists mainly of distributing your mobile coupons through simple sms messages, you can enlist the help of a text message marketing company such as Tatango or Trumpia and their sms marketing software.

Whichever path you choose to take won’t be wrong as long as you’re giving potential customers a great incentive to try even greater food. Mobile coupons could be just the thing to get those customers through the doors of your restaurant. Try them on for size today.


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