Restaurant Mobile Text Marketing Ideas

by Michael Armstrong

Restaurant Mobile SMSIf you want your little restaurant to become the next local hot spot, coming up with a mobile text marketing plan can bring new customers through your door in no time.

Creating a Restaurant Mobile Text Marketing Strategy

If you have a restaurant in a hip part of town, you already have residents and those in the know occupying your corner booths. But what about the adventurous couple who is looking for a meal after exploring all day? If you have a mobile presence, you have made it that much easier for that couple (and singles) to find your establishment.

Creating a restaurant mobile text marketing presence is simple. All you have to do is go on any search engine to look for text message marketing companies that will use their sms marketing software to give you and your restaurant your own piece of the mobile universe.

The Importance of a (Great) Mobile Site

It’s not enough to have an Internet website that can be viewed by phones. If at all possible, you’ll want to get your restaurant’s website transcoded so that it becomes more palatable for mobile text marketing. If this isn’t done, potential customers will have to do some considerable phone gymnastics to view the website on their smartphone’s screen.

Hiring a text message marketing company such as Tatango and Trumpia will ensure that your restaurant marketing plan will not go down in flames. Both of these companies will let you try out their sms mobile marketing services by way of a free trial. You’re the owner of a restaurant. You know it doesn’t get any better than free.

Restaurant Mobile SMS Marketing Strategies

There are several ways you can parlay bulk sms marketing practices to your advantage. One aspect of mobile text marketing that has become very popular among owners of both large and small businesses are the use of visual hyper links, also known as QR codes. Any smartphone user can scan these codes to access special offers. As a restaurant owner, you know that the thing that people love more than food is cheap food.

Marketing QR codesIf your bulk sms marketing budget is too rich for QR codes, you can content yourself with good old fashioned mobile text marketing. You can have your servers offer customers voluntary inclusion on your restaurant’s mobile text marketing list to get notified of opportunities for discounted fare.

For example, Pizzeria Uno uses their restaurant mobile text marketing list (and some non-invasive information they collected at the time of sign up) to give members free or discounted meals on birthdays and certain days of the week.

Why the hesitation? Start brainstorming with Tatango, Trumpia or another text message marketing company for the absolute best restaurant text marketing plan for your establishment. Once you have your mobile friendly site and text message list up and running, you may have to hire more staff to keep up with the demand.

Millions of people have smartphones these days. If you can get a tenth of a percent of those smartphone users with a killer mobile site, you’ll have new blood in your restaurant in no time.

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