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The Importance of Inplementing a Restaurant QR Code Marketing Plan

QR codes for RestaurantsRestaurant QR code marketing is just one method you should have in your restaurant’s mobile marketing arsenal. QR codes are an easy way to engage consumers and launch other mobile marketing campaigns.

QR codes, or Quick Response codes, are aptly named. Scanning a QR code gives the consumer a quick response by taking them directly to an online experience that you have designed. This online experience could be a video, a mobile website, product helps and tips, or an opt-in page that allows the consumer to sign up to receive mobile coupons. Basically, anything you can do online could be part of your restaurant’s QR code.

Perhaps the most important use for QR codes is to gain consumer information for your customer database. Once you have your customers’ cell numbers in your database, you are able to use those for other mobile marketing efforts such as SMS messaging and sending out mobile coupons. This makes QR codes a great first step in beginning a mobile marketing campaign.

Restaurants have used QR codes in unique ways, improving interactions with their customers and giving them more value for their money. It’s no secret that customers who feel that they get more for their dollar at your restaurant are likely to keep coming back in the future.

One way to use QR codes in your restaurant is to include one on your printed menu. This QR code could take your customer to a page of information about the menu, such as where you get your fresh produce, how different dishes are cooked, or nutrition information for those who are concerned about their diet. One popular seafood restaurant uses a QR code that links to a page with facts about the different types of seafood offered on their menu. The possibilities for a QR code on your menu are endless.

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If you are lucky enough to have a busy restaurant business where customers frequently have to wait to be seated, another idea for QR code use is to include one in your front waiting area to help keep customers busy while they wait. For example, this QR code could take customers to a mobile app with games, which is an especially great idea if your restaurant is for families and children are often present. Children at your restaurant will also enjoy a virtual coloring page. Another idea is to use your QR code to educate your customers about your restaurant—its history, things you do to help people in the community, or any information you would like your customers to know about.

QR codes are also effectively used at your tables. Place QR codes on your table signage, and have the codes link to social media such as your Facebook page. Once there, give customers the opportunity to enter to win a free dinner or other prizes for liking your page.

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There is no doubt that mobile marketing is the new future of marketing.  As a restaurant owner, you must start to learn more about how these new mobile marketing solutions will help your business. 

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