Upscale Restaurants are Using SMS Marketing

by Michael Armstrong

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You read that right. Upscale restaurants are not exempt from the need to market themselves, and SMS mobile marketing is by no means the crass marketing of the masters. Read on to find out why mobile marketing and SMS marketing especially are being utilized by upscale restaurants.

SMS Marketing for Upscale Restaurants – Facts & Figures

Here are the results of a survey recently carried out by the Mobile Marketing Association:

  •  48% – the number of mobile phone users who never turn off their phones
  •  33% – the number of mobile phone users who think they might be addicted
  •  50% – the number of mobile phone users who answer calls, even in the bathroom

These numbers don’t depend on any factors other than mobile phone ownership, and the customers of upscale restaurants inevitably fall within one or all of these percentiles.

Upscale Restaurant SMS Marketing – What’s Involved

No matter what type of restaurant you own, there are a few basics that apply to SMS marketing that you need to be aware of:

  • Opt-in List – customers sign up to receive offers, notifications, etc. from your restaurant. Once they do this, you can reach them all simultaneously with what is known as a…
  • Bulk SMS Blast – when you send out a Bulk SMS Blast, it reaches all of your customers, immediately. Considering all of the facts listed earlier, this is the most effective way to get your message to all of your customers, all at once, period.
  • SMS – Short Message Service. It’s text-only and can be up to 160 characters.
  • MMS – Multimedia Message Service. This can include text as well as video, photo, and sound.

Best SMS Marketing Companies for Restaurants

Regardless of restaurant-type, there are two names that come to mind when considering the leaders in mobile marketing: Tatango and Trumpia. Each of these companies offers a distinct set of features, benefits, and plans. Take a look at both and decide which one fits your strategy best.

Trumpia Restaurant SMS Marketing SoftwareTatango Restaurant SMS Marketing SoftwareTrumpia offers a wider variety of features encompassing many forms of marketing, while Tatango focuses specifically on SMS marketing.

Both utilize web-based software which means that you don’t have to worry about preparation, installation, system requirements, etc. All you need is a computer with internet access and you can immediately begin working on your mobile marketing campaign.

Your customers are out there and they have cellphones. Start a mobile marketing campaign today and get connected with them.



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